Takion System Requirements


Takion is a cutting edge trading application that requires a powerful PC to take advantage of the multithreaded code.

Below are some guidelines for the PC hardware needed to run Takion.

The Processor (CPU), System Memory (RAM) and Operating System (OS) are the three components that have minimum requirements to operate Takion.

Below are minimum, recommended and performance sections. If the PC has multiple screens with other applications like eSignal running you should consider at least the recommended hardware. Video cards should have at least 256Mb of memory per screen.

Minimum Recommended Performance
OS Windows XP Windows7 x64 Windows7 x64
CPU Pentium 4 Intel i3 Intel i7

Because each “window” opened inside of a Takion layout uses RAM some of the complex layouts can consume large amounts of memory. Windows XP and Windows 7 32Bit are limited to 3GB of RAM and may not operate smoothly with an application using large amounts of memory. We recommend Windows 7 x64 with 4Gb of RAM.