About Us

In 1998, our team of market and technology professionals launched Andover Trading. Andover's mission was to provide its traders with the most technologically innovative trading software, enabling them to excel in a rapidly changing market.

The company’s ultimate success was a result of strong leadership and powerful trading platform. The system not only met the needs and expectations of a professional trader, but continually exceeded them and became recognized as the most advanced trading software in the industry. Since its establishment, Andover Trading continued to grow dramatically until 2003, when it was acquired by one of the country’s largest market systems and trading technology firms.

The changes in the marketplace seen since 2003 have suggested a need for a more efficient and sophisticated trading software. At Takion Technologies, we have succeeded in utilizing the advances in technology and created a next-generation trading software designed specifically for the professional trader. Takion has harnessed the dramatic advances in computer processing power, communications speed and trading support technology to become the “Best-in-Breed” trading platform available today.